• Fenix LD20 flashlight with lanyard and flashlight holster

    Fenix PD35 LED Flashlight

    Now, Fenix PD35, the best-selling model is upgraded to 960 lumens.... Unlike conventional flashlights, which are heavy, this model is compact, light and affordable. It offers high performance at a relatively low price. Here is an insight into the various features that make this flashlight so widely popular.
  • Surefire X400 weapons light

    Surefire x400 Weapon light

    Surefire X400 is a LED handgun weapon light that offers professionals of the tactics department and other concerned citizens or civilians that can do just about anything you want to do as far as flash lights are concerned. It has an extremely bright LED light that is around five times better than a two-D-cell regular flashlight.
  • Duracell Daylite flashlight

    Duracell Daylite Flashlight

    Among the latest Duracell flashlight family to hit the limelight is the Duracell Daylite. The current lineup signifies the way the manufacturer would want to diversify away from its traditional battery products. If you are on the lookout for new lighting products, you should have noticed a clear margin between Daylite and its predecessors. If you live a distants from the nearest power source or have most of your daily activities extend beyond dusk, the latest Duracell arsenal is meant for you.
  • Streamlight LED flashlight

    Streamlight Flashlights

    With advances in technology, the incandescent bulb is slowly being phased out and replaced with LED and other forms of light sources. With the introduction of streamlight flashlights, the market has been revolutionized with its tremendous properties and applications in a wide variety of settings. These sources of lights include various functions and benefits from longevity and greater illumination to identifying forged documentation.
  • LED flashlight manufactured by Coast

    Coast Flashlights

    Safety experts agree that people should be prepared for emergencies. Storms, electrical outages, and car malfunctions while one is out driving may call for people to use these emergency preparations. Most individuals include a flashlight in these kits. A flashlight lets someone see in the dark and may help that individual gain control of an otherwise uncertain situation. When they pack their emergency preparation kit, many consumers consider coast flashlights for their use.

    LED stun gun flashlight manufactured by Pitbull

    Pitbull All Metal Stun Gun Flashlight

    People who have to walk home in the dark are often afraid of being attacked. A Pitbull Stun Gun Flashlight can provide a measure of protection without the danger of injuring any assailant, merely causing temporary incapacitation. It also provides an excellent bright light so you can see where you are walking. This combination torch and flashlight provides excellent protection in a handy package.