Goal Zero Torch

Goal Zero Torch 250 with Intergated Solar Panel

The Goal Zero 250 torch has three types of charging systems. A solar panel which works very well when placed in the sunlight. A fast charging mode with a USB cord and a hand crank.
The light has many functions per say if you are broken down in the middle of the night and you need to keep your phone charged you can do it with the USB 1.5 amp outlet port.   

The Goal Zero 250 also has a light meter to show the state of charge. It has three lighting modes, a flood light with two modes. A bright mode and a dim mode. A spot light which I would call a flashlight with two settings, and a red light which is very helpful in case you are in an accident, which most people don't carry road flares this comes in very handy with its flashing red light.

This light is a great item to have in a survival situation and can be kept with your survival gear.  I keep one in my truck for emergencies and I also keep one in my back pack when I am out hunting or fishing.

A lot of times I go out fishing and hunting before daylight and may not come back until after dark and the Goal Zero 250 torch comes in very handy in these situations.

I highly recommend the Goal Zero torch do to its versatility, rugged construction and reliability. It comes with a 4400mAh advanced lithium battery and has a run time of 7 to 48 hours depending on the operating mode. It has a clip so you can  hang it up and use it as a hands free work light.

Icons for Goal Zero 250 flashlight
With all these features the Goal Zero 250  emergency flashlight is a must have for your home, car or survival gear. Don't be left in the dark without a light.