Pelican LED flashlight

A Quick Review Of Popular Pelican Flashlights

Perhaps you think that a flashlight is just a flashlight. Yet, if you have ever reached for a light when the power has suddenly went off (and your flashlight was dead) you would appreciate quality products like Pelican flashlights. Here is a review of these products and why they are gaining in popularity today.

Model 2360 LED Flashlight - This light will give you two hours of light (95 lumens) on its power source. The batteries are easy to find and purchase as it requires two of the "AA" type. This light is designed to go to work with you as it very durable and long lasting, and it is made to be slip resistant in your hand.
Pelican LED flashlight model 2360
                   Model 2360 100 Lumen

The 2360 is manufactured from tough Aerospace type aluminum. Many lights work well until you drop them a time or two on a hard surface. This flashlight uses a Led module that is made to resist impacts. It is designed to fit into your hand comfortably and you can use the handy pocket clip attachment for convenience. The 2360 is just a little over six inches in length and with batteries it weighs slightly under three ounces. Perhaps one of the most important features of this product is the lifetime warranty.

Model 1910 - This is a compact model for the person that wants a small flashlight that behaves like a large one. It is a little over three and one half inches long and without batteries it weighs in at a mere 1.4 ounces. You get a bright little light that utilizes three "AAA" size batteries.
Pelican LED flashlight model 1910
1910 Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

Model 3390 - This is a knife and light combo kit, and both are compact and easy to carry with you. Perfect for hunting trips, you can put these handy items in your vest and forget about them until you need them. You will not have to worry about rust or corrosion as both the knife and light are made to withstand corrosion.
Pelican LED flashlight model 3390 and folding knife model KB-1250
Pelican 3390, pm6 Knife/Lite

The 3390 kit comes with a KB-1250 knife that has sharp serrated edges. This is perfect for utility cutting. In addition, the blade is made from stainless steel. The flashlight is manufactured from a special high quality polymer. This makes for a very durable yet "light in weight" flashlight, and the switch is in the tail for maximum convenience. Knife length is 7.75 inches and flashlight length is 5.2 inches.

Model 3765 Rechargeable - If you want a powerful light and do not want to purchase batteries frequently, this model is a good buy. You have four modes of lighting to choose from and they are downcast, signal, low, and high. High mode delivers a stunning 172 lumens of light. You can use the rechargeable pack or you also may use four "AA" batteries.
Pelican 3765 Rechargeable Flashlight w/ Charger

Pelican 3765 Rechargeable Flashlight w/ Charger

If you need a quality portable light, you will find many selections when you shop Pelican Flashlights. They make small models, large models, and they also produce a Tactical Series and Nemo Drive Series. One can find a flashlight for just about every need and situation. In fact, there are so many choices you may have a hard time deciding which one to buy.